How Much does it Cost?

Payments to Hooplarious

OUR prices have not changed we are still the great value we have always been BUT OUR WEBSITE HAS, please click the link to be forwarded to our hooping guides page, where you can view the Price of a class and all sorts of information about Hooping:

Hooplarious Hoop dance classes and clubs run termly or half termly.  Half a term is normally about 5 weeks.  As closely as possible we follow the school terms academic year.  This is to reduce the administration time at the beginning and end of classes.  Allowing the hour to be spent hooping, this also reduces the home administration for yourselves and the instructor too.

Hooplarious classes are £6.50 per hour.   Each venues course dates and costs vary slightly due to previous bookings the venues have to honour.  Please contact for term fees for each venue.

As a Guide 10 week course@ £6.50 a class =£65.00  2 blocks of  5 weeks @ £6.50 a class £32.50 each

IF YOU PAY for the WHOLE TERM one of your classes will be half price. (£3.25 discount per term)  = £62.50 for a 10 week course

Currently All LEVELS OF HOOPERS are welcome at all venues.

You fees must be paid upfront at the time of booking:   Either by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.  Bank Transfer is the easiest and preferred method of payment by Hooplarious for reasons of security.

PAYMENT IS WHAT SECURES YOUR PLACE, with a completed Customer booking form.

Hooplarious advertise classes outside of the venues, so please be sure to speak to your instructor about how you intend to pay, to guarantee your place.

Beginning from 2011, if you do have a prior engagement/holiday you will be able to pre-book this date off without paying for this week.  This is on a trial basis only at this stage, and must be done at the time of booking as far as possible.  The course works on building up skills each week so it isn’t advisable to miss class.  Any class missed due to illness or other circumstances cannot be refunded.  In the same respect if your instructor was ill or had to cancel a class, arrangements would be made to reschedule that class, or a refund given.

Also with the spirit of hooping in mind it will now be possible to swap between classes that are running at the same level as yours, enabling you to plan a catch up class if you know you are going to miss your own, and also to meet other hoopers from your local area.  We really are a very friendly bunch.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR INSTRUCTOR if you would like to do this at any point, just so numbers and space limitations can be checked


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